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PartNo                                      PartNo                                      PartNo                                      PartNo                                      PartNo                                      
MC13501DW                                   MC13501M                                    MC13503                                     MC13503T4                                   MC13503TE                                   
MC13509                                     MC1350A                                     MC1350AP                                    MC1350AP                                    MC1350CI                                    
MC1350D                                     MC1350DSMD                                  MC1350D200                                  MC1350D2                                    MC1350D                                     
MC1350DIST                                  MC1350DR2                                   MC1350DR2                                   MC1350DW                                    MC1350F                                     
MC1350L                                     MC1350PMOTOROLA10C                          MC1350P                                     MC1350P8PIN                                 MC1350P8PINMOT                              
MC1350PDIP8                                 MC1350PRFB                                  MC1350P                                     MC1350P                                     MC1350P                                     
MC1350PCKTU                                 MC1350PKLPC                                 MC1350PMOT                                  MC1350POEMXS                                MC1350XARD                                  
MC1351                                      MC13510                                     MC13513                                     MC13513T4                                   MC135156DW                                  
MC13516                                     MC13516                                     MC1351P                                     MC1351PMOT                                  MC1352                                      
MC13523                                     MC13523M                                    MC13528                                     MC13528P                                    MC1352BCP                                   
MC1352P                                     MC1352P                                     MC1352P                                     MC1353                                      MC1353P                                     
MC13544                                     MC13544BCP                                  MC13544BSP                                  MC13544P                                    MC13545                                     
MC13546                                     MC13547                                     MC13547P                                    MC13547SP                                   MC13548                                     
MC13549                                     MC1355                                      MC13550                                     MC13551                                     MC13552                                     
MC13553                                     MC13555                                     MC13555ASP                                  MC13555P                                    MC13556                                     
MC13556P                                    MC13556S                                    MC13556SP                                   MC13559                                     MC13559P                                    
MC13559SP                                   MC1355ASP                                   MC1355P                                     MC1355PGOLDLEADS                            MC1355P                                     
MC1355SP                                    MC13562                                     MC13562P                                    MC13562SP                                   MC13566                                     
MC1356F                                     MC1356P                                     MC1357                                      MC13570                                     MC13571P                                    
MC13572                                     MC13572Z                                    MC1357D                                     MC1357D                                     MC1357DR2                                   
MC1357DR2G                                  MC1357DW                                    MC1357DW                                    MC1357PMOT1100A                             MC1357PMOT814A                              
MC1357P                                     MC1357P                                     MC1357PMOT                                  MC1358                                      MC13580                                     
MC13580P                                    MC13580SP                                   MC13581                                     MC13581Z                                    MC13582                                     
MC13582P                                    MC13583                                     MC135832                                    MC13583Z                                    MC13584                                     
MC13584P                                    MC13585                                     MC13585P                                    MC13586                                     MC13587                                     
MC13587ASP                                  MC13587P                                    MC13588                                     MC13588TA8880BN                             MC13589                                     
MC13589P                                    MC1358                                      MC1358G                                     MC1358P                                     MC1358PMOT                                  
MC1358PQ                                    MC1358S                                     MC1359                                      MC13590                                     MC13591                                     
MC13591M                                    MC13591MEL                                  MC13592                                     MC13593                                     MC135OP                                     
MC135P                                      MC135T01                                    MC135TP                                     MC135TP                                     MC136-100080TOKOSPOLE                       
MC13600BCP                                  MC1361U01                                   MC1364                                      MC1364G                                     MC1364P                                     
MC13650                                     MC13652                                     MC13654                                     MC13656                                     MC13658                                     
MC13659                                     MC13659P                                    MC13662                                     MC13663                                     MC13664                                     
MC13665                                     MC13674                                     MC13679                                     MC13680                                     MC13681                                     
MC136818                                    MC13683                                     MC13684                                     MC1368T                                     MC13690                                     
MC137                                       MC1370WEP509                                MC13709FBR2                                 MC1370AIP                                   MC1370D                                     
MC1370P                                     MC1370VFR2                                  MC1371                                      MC13712                                     MC13712F                                    
MC13712F-PEV31                              MC13712FCR2                                 MC13712FEV3-1                               MC13712FREV                                 MC13712FREV31                               
MC13712FREV31                               MC13712FREV31                               MC13712REV                                  MC13713                                     MC13713VH                                   
MC13713VHR2                                 MC13715                                     MC13715SLBB                                 MC13717                                     MC13717VH                                   
MC13717VH-R                                 MC13717VHR2                                 MC13717VL                                   MC13717VLR2                                 MC13718                                     
MC13718AACNSCR2                             MC13718ME                                   MC13718NSCR2                                MC1371B                                     MC1371P                                     
MC1372                                      MC1372APTDA1327                             MC1372B                                     MC1372G                                     MC1372N                                     
MC1372P                                     MC1372P                                     MC1372PDC83                                 MC1372P                                     MC1373                                      
MC13735DW                                   MC1373P                                     MC1374                                      MC13740FBR2                                 MC13747BFR2                                 
MC13747FB                                   MC13747FBR2                                 MC13747FBR2TQFP24                           MC13748CFBR2                                MC13748FCR2                                 
MC1374A1968MHZ                              MC1374FBR2                                  MC1374PMOT1950A                             MC1374PMOT3000S                             MC1374PMOTOROLA6C                           
MC1374P                                     MC1374PDIP14                                MC1374P                                     MC1374PC                                    MC1374PMOT                                  
MC1374T                                     MC1375                                      MC13751                                     MC13751FCR2                                 MC1375P                                     
MC1375PQ                                    MC1376                                      MC13760                                     MC13768                                     MC1376B                                     
MC1376P                                     MC1376PMOT                                  MC1377                                      MC1377-P                                    MC13770                                     
MC13770DW                                   MC13770FCR2                                 MC13770FCR2                                 MC13777                                     MC13777F                                    
MC13777F-PEV511                             MC13777FC                                   MC13777FCR2                                 MC13777FREV                                 MC13777FREV511                              
MC13778FCR2                                 MC1377BDR2                                  MC1377DW                                    MC1377DW                                    MC1377DWR                                   
MC1377DWR2                                  MC1377F                                     MC1377FN                                    MC1377PMOT25C                               MC1377P                                     
MC1377P                                     MC1377P20L                                  MC1377P                                     MC1377PMOT                                  MC1378                                      
MC13783                                     MC13783VK                                   MC13783VK5                                  MC13783VKR2                                 MC13784                                     
MC13789                                     MC1378FNMOT300A                             MC1378FN                                    MC1378FN-PLCC44                             MC1378PMOT3500A                             
MC1378P                                     MC1378P40LPDIP                              MC1378PDIP40                                MC1378P                                     MC1378P                                     
MC1378P-100-DIP                             MC1378P80DIP                                MC1378P                                     MC1378PMOT                                  MC1378PN                                    
MC1378PMC145412MC68705                      MC13790EPR2                                 MC137FREV31                                 MC138                                       MC138K                                      
MC1380                                      MC13801XB                                   MC13820FCR2                                 MC13822A                                    MC1382P                                     
MC13846                                     MC1385P                                     MC1385P                                     MC1387                                      MC13875                                     
MC13877FREV                                 MC1387FN                                    MC13883EP4R2                                MC138A                                      MC138D                                      
MC13936nHTOKOSPOLE                          MC139110nHTOKOSPOLE                         MC139134nHTOKOSPOLE                         MC139BCAJC                                  MC1390P                                     
MC1391                                      MC1391LM1391NDIP8                           MC1391MC1391PDIP8                           MC1391-P                                    MC1391LM1391N                               
MC1391AP                                    MC1391AP                                    MC1391D                                     MC1391JN                                    MC1391N                                     
MC1391N                                     MC1391NP                                    MC1391P                                     MC1391P                                     MC1391P                                     
MC1391PCKZY                                 MC1393                                      MC1393AP                                    MC1393BA                                    MC1393BATRJ120-2689-001J                    
MC1393P                                     MC1394                                      MC1394DIP8P                                 MC1394P                                     MC1397                                      
MC13977FCR2                                 MC1398                                      MC1398P                                     MC1399                                      MC1399P                                     
MC139D                                      MC139J                                      MC13B5DW                                    MC13CH050C50V                               MC13D55DR2                                  
MC13E-8-3SN                                 MC13E10-6PN                                 MC13E10-6SN                                 MC13G09B                                    MC13O22                                     
MC13O24DW                                   MC13O28A                                    MC13O2OMR2                                  MC13O5P                                     MC13O6O                                     
MC13O9P                                     MC14                                        MC1485E2S                                   MC14-15483DT                                MC14-21-02                                  
MC14-5483DT                                 MC140                                       MC140DIE                                    MC140-4                                     MC1400                                      
MC1400ALX                                   MC14000                                     MC140004                                    MC14000B                                    MC14000BAL                                  
MC14000BCL                                  MC14000BCP                                  MC14000CL                                   MC14000CP                                   MC14000D                                    
MC14000U                                    MC14000UB                                   MC14000UBAL                                 MC14000UBCL                                 MC14000UBCLD                                
MC14000UBCP                                 MC14000UBCPD                                MC14000UBCPS                                MC14000UBDR2                                MC14001MOT800S                              
MC14001                                     MC14001QUADNOR2INPUT                        MC14001WP                                   MC14001BCP                                  MC140011BD                                  
MC140014CL                                  MC140018CP                                  MC14001                                     MC14001A1BCAJC883                           MC14001ABCBS                                
MC14001AL                                   MC14001AL-6                                 MC14001B                                    MC14001BBCAJC                               MC14001BBCAJC                               
MC14001BBCBS                                MC14001B0R2                                 MC14001B1                                   MC14001B1BCJC883                            MC14001B                                    
MC14001BA1                                  MC14001BAL                                  MC14001BALD                                 MC14001BALD                                 MC14001BB                                   
MC14001BBCAJC                               MC14001BBCAJC883C                           MC14001BBCB5                                MC14001BBCBS                                MC14001BC                                   
MC14001BCAJC                                MC14001BCLMOT35B                            MC14001BCL                                  MC14001BCLBDUBCLJ                           MC14001BCL                                  
MC14001BCLBDUBCLJ                           MC14001BCLD                                 MC14001BCLDS                                MC14001BCLZ                                 MC14001BCM                                  
MC14001BCP                                  MC14001BCPDIP                               MC14001BCPDIP14                             MC14001BCP                                  MC14001BCP--                                
MC14001BCPBPBE                              MC14001BCP                                  MC14001BCPD                                 MC14001BCPDS                                MC14001BCPG                                 
MC14001BCPR                                 MC14001BCPTC                                MC14001BD                                   MC14001BD41400MOT88                         MC14001BDCBS                                
MC14001BDG                                  MC14001BDR                                  MC14001BDR2                                 MC14001BDR2DC200439MMSO14TRSMD              MC14001BDR2SMDSO-14                         
MC14001BDR2SMDU                             MC14001BDR2SMDUwS                           MC14001BDR2                                 MC14001BDR2G                                MC14001BDR2GON                              
MC14001BDR2GPBFREE                          MC14001BDSMD                                MC14001BDSMDPB                              MC14001BDSMDxPBx                            MC14001BDT                                  
MC14001BDTR2                                MC14001BDTR2G                               MC14001BE                                   MC14001BF                                   MC14001BFE2                                 
MC14001BFEL                                 MC14001BFEL                                 MC14001BFELG                                MC14001BFG                                  MC14001BFL1                                 
MC14001BFL2                                 MC14001BFR1                                 MC14001BFR2                                 MC14001BG                                   MC14001BLP                                  
MC14001BM                                   MC14001BP                                   MC14001BPDS                                 MC14001BT                                   MC14001BT                                   
MC14001CL                                   MC14001CLD                                  MC14001CLR                                  MC14001CP                                   MC14001DR2                                  
MC14001N                                    MC14001PDS                                  MC14001QCP                                  MC14001R                                    
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