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PartNo                                   PartNo                                   PartNo                                   PartNo                                   PartNo                                   
LD1                                      LD1-01                                   LD1-100K-TR                              LD1-101                                  LD1-107                                  
LD1-128                                  LD1-13                                   LD1-132                                  LD1-1R2K-TR                              LD1-2R2K-TR                              
LD1-330K-TR                              LD1-3R3K-TR                              LD1-62                                   LD1-67210                                LD1-805                                  
LD1-BR31HR-A11U                          LD1-BR31SR-A11U                          LD1-BR40SR-C22R                          LD1-BR56HO-A11                           LD1-BRC0SR-C11                           
LD1-BW30HA-C12                           LD1-BW30SR-C11T                          LD1-BW31SR-A11U                          LD1-BW36SR-A11U                          LD1-BW39GU-C21                           
LD1-BW43HR-C11T                          LD1-BW52SR-C11                           LD1-BW56SR-A11                           LD1-BW56SR-A11R                          LD1-BW56SR-C11R                          
LD1-BW56YGU-A11                          LD1-BWA2SD-A11S                          LD1-BWB2-SR-A11S                         LD1-GW39GU-A11                           LD1-GW52GU-A12                           
LD1-GW52HO-A12                           LD1-GW52HO-C19                           LD1-GW52SD-A121                          LD1-GW52SR-A12                           LD1-GW52SR-C12                           
LD1-GW56B7-A11                           LD1-GW56B7-C32                           LD1-GW56HO-C12A                          LD1-GW56HO-C19                           LD1-GW56SD-A32                           
LD1-GW56SR-A11                           LD1-GW56SR-C32                           LD1-GW80G6-C23                           LD1-GW80GU-A11R                          LD1-GW80SD-A33                           
LD1-GWA5GU-A11                           LD1-GWD0GU-C11S                          LD1-R82K-TR                              LD1-RR30HR-C31T                          LD1-RRC0H0-A11                           
LD193-199GHZ                             LD100                                    LD100-                                   LD100-EL-IV-X                            LD100-END-IV-X                           
LD100-TC-IV-X                            LD1001                                   LD1001SANDY                              LD1002-E                                 LD1003FIDO                               
LD1003S                                  LD1004REX                                LD1005                                   LD1007                                   LD100SS                                  
LD1010                                   LD1010D                                  LD1010D-TR                               LD1010DA                                 LD1010SD-TR                              
LD1014                                   LD10146                                  LD1014D                                  LD1015D                                  LD10178-06                               
LD1017804                                LD1017806                                LD10179AP08W                             LD10179AP10                              LD10179AP12                              
LD101A1R00K                              LD101A1R50K                              LD101B1000K                              LD101B1001K                              LD101B10R0K                              
LD101B1R00K                              LD101B1R20K                              LD101B1R80K                              LD101B2R20K                              LD101BR150M                              
LD101BR180M                              LD101BR330M                              LD101BR390M                              LD101BR470M                              LD101BR680K                              
LD101BR820K                              LD101DU                                  LD101MG                                  LD101VP                                  LD101VR                                  
LD101YY                                  LD1020                                   LD1020A                                  LD1020D                                  LD1022                                   
LD1023DU                                 LD1025N                                  LD10271                                  LD10277                                  LD102B10R0K                              
LD103109-T-3                             LD10318                                  LD10343                                  LD1041                                   LD1041N                                  
LD1048V                                  LD1066-25                                LD1070                                   LD108                                    LD1083                                   
LD1083S                                  LD1084                                   LD1084-15                                LD1084-18                                LD1084-120                               
LD1084-18                                LD1084-25                                LD1084-25                                LD1084-28                                LD1084-33                                
LD1084-33                                LD1084-36                                LD1084-50                                LD1084-80                                LD1084-90                                
LD1084-ADJ                               LD108401                                 LD108415                                 LD108418                                 LD1084120                                
LD108433                                 LD108436                                 LD108480                                 LD1084ADJ                                LD1084ADJS                               
LD1084D2M                                LD1084D2M-R                              LD1084D2M33                              LD1084D2M33R                             LD1084D2M33TR                            
LD1084D2M50                              LD1084D2MR                               LD1084D2MTR                              LD1084D2T                                LD1084D2T-R                              
LD1084D2T-RS1Z                           LD1084D2T-TR                             LD1084D2T12                              LD1084D2T12R                             LD1084D2T18                              
LD1084D2T18-TR                           LD1084D2T18TR                            LD1084D2T33                              LD1084D2T33-TR                           LD1084D2T33TR                            
LD1084D2T90                              LD1084D2TR                               LD1084D2TRS1Z                            LD1084D2TTR                              LD1084S                                  
LD1084V                                  LD1084V-ST                               LD1084V12                                LD1084V18                                LD1084V25                                
LD1084V33                                LD1084V36                                LD1084V50                                LD1084V80                                LD1084V90                                
LD1085                                   LD1085-15                                LD1085-18                                LD1085-10                                LD1085-18                                
LD1085-25                                LD1085-25C                               LD1085-25CM                              LD1085-25                                LD1085-28                                
LD1085-33                                LD1085-33V                               LD1085-33                                LD1085-50                                LD1085-50                                
LD1085-ADJ                               LD108515                                 LD108518                                 LD108518                                 LD108533                                 
LD108533                                 LD108550                                 LD1085ADJ                                LD1085ADJS                               LD1085C-25                               
LD1085C2T15R                             LD1085CDT                                LD1085CDTDPAKDC03                        LD1085CDTDPAKDC04                        LD1085CDT-R                              
LD1085CDT-RS1Z                           LD1085CDTR                               LD1085CDTRS1Z                            LD1085CP                                 LD1085D                                  
LD1085D2-T50                             LD1085D218-TR                            LD1085D2M                                LD1085D2M-25SPX1587AT-2                  LD1085D2M-25SPX1587AT-25                 
LD1085D2M-R                              LD1085D2M12                              LD1085D2M12R                             LD1085D2M18                              LD1085D2M18-TR                           
LD1085D2M18R                             LD1085D2M18TR                            LD1085D2M25                              LD1085D2M25R                             LD1085D2M28                              
LD1085D2M33                              LD1085D2M33R                             LD1085D2M33TR                            LD1085D2M50                              LD1085D2M50R                             
LD1085D2MR                               LD1085D2MTR                              LD1085D2T                                LD1085D2T-33                             LD1085D2T-33RDPAK                        
LD1085D2T-R                              LD1085D2T-R-ST                           LD1085D2T-TR                             LD1085D2T120                             LD1085D2T15R                             
LD1085D2T15S1Z                           LD1085D2T18                              LD1085D2T18TR                            LD1085D2T18-TR                           LD1085D2T18R                             
LD1085D2T18TR                            LD1085D2T25                              LD1085D2T25R                             LD1085D2T25TR                            LD1085D2T28                              
LD1085D2T33                              LD1085D2T33-TR                           LD1085D2T33R                             LD1085D2T33TR                            LD1085D2T36                              
LD1085D2T50                              LD1085D2T50TR                            LD1085D2T90R                             LD1085D2TTR                              LD1085DT                                 
LD1085DT-R                               LD1085DT15R                              LD1085DT18R                              LD1085DT2-R                              LD1085DT25R                              
LD1085DT25RS2Z                           LD1085DT25TR                             LD1085DT33R                              LD1085DTR                                LD1085P                                  
LD1085P25                                LD1085S                                  LD1085S-ADJ                              LD1085T-33                               LD1085V                                  
LD1085VDC01                              LD1085V12                                LD1085V120                               LD1085V18                                LD1085V25                                
LD1085V28                                LD1085V33                                LD1085V33TO220                           LD1085V36                                LD1085V50                                
LD1085V50TO220                           LD1085V50-ST                             LD1085V50                                LD1085V80                                LD1085V90                                
LD1086                                   LD1086ST                                 LD1086-18V                               LD1086-15                                LD1086-18                                
LD1086-120                               LD1086-18                                LD1086-25                                LD1086-24                                LD1086-25                                
LD1086-28                                LD1086-33                                LD1086-33                                LD1086-33LD1                             LD1086-33SMDTO-220LD1                    
LD1086-33SMDTO-220LD1086D2T33TRSTMI      LD1086-36                                LD1086-50                                LD1086-80                                LD1086-90                                
LD1086-ADJ                               LD108615                                 LD108618                                 LD108618                                 LD108625                                 
LD10862T15RS1Z                           LD108633                                 LD108636                                 LD10866K00E                              LD10866KD0E0150                          
LD1086ADJ                                LD1086CM-33                              LD1086CM-33                              LD1086CM25                               LD1086D                                  
LD1086D-18                               LD1086D-33                               LD1086D2-90                              LD1086D290                               LD1086D2M                                
LD1086D2M-R                              LD1086D2M12                              LD1086D2M12TR                            LD1086D2M18                              LD1086D2M18TO263                         
LD1086D2M18TR                            LD1086D2M25                              LD1086D2M25TR                            LD1086D2M25TRSK2                         LD1086D2M33                              
LD1086D2M33R                             LD1086D2M33TR                            LD1086D2M33TRLT33                        LD1086D2M33TR-ST                         LD1086D2M50                              
LD1086D2M80                              LD1086D2M90                              LD1086D2M90TR                            LD1086D2MTR                              LD1086D2T                                
LD1086D2T-18                             LD1086D2T-18                             LD1086D2T-33                             LD1086D2T-50TR                           LD1086D2T-R                              
LD1086D2T-TR                             LD1086D2T18                              LD1086D2T12                              LD1086D2T12TR                            LD1086D2T15R                             
LD1086D2T18                              LD1086D2T18DDPAK                         LD1086D2T18-TR                           LD1086D2T18TR                            LD1086D2T18TRLF                          
LD1086D2T18TR-E                          LD1086D2T18TR-ELF                        LD1086D2T18TRE                           LD1086D2T25                              LD1086D2T25DDPAK                         
LD1086D2T25-TR                           LD1086D2T25TR                            LD1086D2T28                              LD1086D2T33                              LD1086D2T33-TR                           
LD1086D2T33R                             LD1086D2T33TR                            LD1086D2T36                              LD1086D2T50                              LD1086D2T50-TR                           
LD1086D2T50R                             LD1086D2T50TR                            LD1086D2T80                              LD1086D2T90                              LD1086D2TTR                              
LD1086D2TTR-ST                           LD1086DT                                 LD1086DT-18                              LD1086DT-25                              LD1086DT-25                              
LD1086DT-33                              LD1086DT12                               LD1086DT120                              LD1086DT15R                              LD1086DT18                               
LD1086DT18R                              LD1086DT18TR                             LD1086DT25                               LD1086DT25-TR                            LD1086DT25R                              
LD1086DT25TR                             LD1086DT28                               LD1086DT2T12                             LD1086DT33                               LD1086DT33-ST                            
LD1086DT33T                              LD1086DT33TR                             LD1086DT33TR2Z                           LD1086DT33TRS2Z                          LD1086DT36                               
LD1086DT50                               LD1086DT50TR                             LD1086DT80                               LD1086DT80TR                             LD1086DTTR                               
LD1086DTTR-PBFREE                        LD1086V                                  LD1086VTO-220AB                          LD1086VxPb                               LD1086V12                                
LD1086V120                               LD1086V18                                LD1086V25                                LD1086V25                                LD1086V25NonRoHS                         
LD1086V25NonRoHS                         LD1086V28                                LD1086V33                                LD1086V33-PBFREE                         LD1086V33-ST                             
LD1086V36                                LD1086V50                                LD1086V50TO220                           LD1086V50TO                              LD1086V50-ST                             
LD1086V50NonRoHS                         LD1086V50NonRoHS                         LD1086V80                                LD1086V90                                LD1086V90L                               
LD1086VNonRoHS                           LD1086VNonRoHS                           LD108XD2T33                              LD10A013                                 LD10A341                                 
LD10EI10-A                               LD10EI6-A                                LD10EI8-A                                LD10H0SK                                 LD10HOSK                                 
LD10IG10-A                               LD10IG6-A                                LD10IG8-A                                LD10IW10-A                               LD10IW6-A                                
LD10IW6A                                 LD10IW8-A                                LD10WH10-A                               LD10WH6-A                                LD10WH8-A                                
LD11                                     LD110366F                                LD11-0246F                               LD11-0366F                               LD11-0366FHALO                           
LD110                                    LD1101                                   LD110116C450                             LD110116C450                             LD1101A                                  
LD1101CP-40                              LD1102                                   LD1103                                   LD110366F                                LD1104                                   
LD110435                                 LD1104-35                                LD1104-50                                LD1104-65                                LD110450                                 
LD1105                                   LD1106                                   LD1107                                   LD110716C451                             LD11071-S01                              
LD110716C151                             LD11077-S162                             LD11077-S162U                            LD11077-S162UOEMXS                       
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