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PartNo                          PartNo                          PartNo                          PartNo                          PartNo                          
CX06827-11Z                     CX06827-11ZDS56-L144-313        CX06827-13                      CX06827-13Z                     CX06827-13OEMXS                 
CX06827-14                      CX06827-14P6                    CX06827-14Z                     CX06827-31                      CX0682711                       
CX0682711Z                      CX0682714                       CX06829-11                      CX0682911                       CX06830-16                      
CX0683016                       CX06831-12                      CX06832-11                      CX06832-12                      CX06832-12MX02                  
CX06832-31                      CX06832-32                      CX06832-32PH04                  CX0683212                       CX0683225                       
CX0683232                       CX06833                         CX06833-22p1                    CX06833-32                      CX06833-32or-42                 
CX06833-33                      CX06833-34                      CX06833-34or-44                 CX06833-44                      CX06833-44pbfree                
CX0683342                       CX0683343                       CX0683344                       CX06833SM144D                   CX06834-11                      
CX06834-11P2                    CX06834-12                      CX06834-12P2                    CX06834-21Z                     CX0683411P2                     
CX0683412P2                     CX06835                         CX06835-13                      CX06835-14                      CX06835-16                      
CX06835-16P1                    cx06835-25                      CX06835-36                      CX06835-36CONEXANT              CX06835-36P                     
CX06836                         CX06836-11                      CX06836-21                      CX06836-21Z                     CX0683611                       
CX06837-12TW03                  CX06837-32                      CX069                           CX06935-16P1                    CX069A                          
CX069A                          CX06B227K                       CX06BX104K                      CX06BX334K50V                   CX06BX474X                      
CX06BX682K                      CX06C200J                       CX06C686M                       CX06CW182K                      CX06D157K                       
CX06D157M                       CX06D335M                       CX06D336K                       CX06D336KKEMET                  CX06D476M                       
CX06F107K                       CX06F107M                       CX06F225K                       CX06F226K                       CX06F226K7301                   
CX06F226M                       CX06F336K                       CX06F336M                       CX06F685K                       CX06F685M                       
CX06H156K                       CX06H156KKEMET                  CX06H156M                       CX06H156MKEMET                  CX06H226K                       
CX06H686K                       CX06J105M                       CX06J106K                       CX06J106M                       CX06J156K                       
CX06J156M                       CX06J335K                       CX06J475K                       CX06J475M                       CX06J476K                       
CX06J476KKEMET                  CX06J476M                       CX06K106K                       CX06K106KKEMET                  CX06K106M                       
CX06K225K                       CX06K225M                       CX06K336K                       CX06K336M                       CX06K685K                       
CX06M104K                       CX06M104M                       CX06M105K                       CX06M105M                       CX06M155M                       
CX06M156K                       CX06M225K                       CX06M225K7301                   CX06M226K                       CX06M226M                       
CX06M335K                       CX06M475K                       CX06M475KEA                     CX06M475M                       CX06M685K                       
CX06M685KKEMET                  CX06M685M                       CX06V800                        CX071055P                       CX07202-1                       
CX07202-11                      CX07203-15                      CX07203-35                      CX075                           CX0758                          
CX0758                          CX07PST001                      CX080120108                     CX0802BL0030CD                  CX0805B101KPS                   
CX081B                          CX08241600M                     CX0826-4096MHz                  CX0829                          CX082916MHZ                     
CX08293333MHZ                   CX082950MHZ                     CX0829-2000M                    CX0829-4000M                    CX0829-4000M                    
CX0829-500000M                  CX0829Z1000MKSS7H1M             CX0829Z1000MKSS7H1MHALF         CX0829Z1000M                    CX0829Z3973M                    
CX0829Z50000MHZ                 CX082F                          CX083A                          CX083F                          CX084E                          
CX085E                          CX087B                          CX08A14S-7S                     CX08D301000                     CX08T121000                     
CX08U601017                     CX092                           CX09251                         CX0929Z2824MHZ                  CX095                           
CX095D                          CX095DM5146P                    CX095DM5146P                    CX095E                          CX095E                          
CX097A                          CX099                           CX099                           CX099                           CX09B06                         
CX09F06                         CX09G121005                     CX09T600105                     CX09U131005                     CX0HS121006                     
CX0LL121008                     CX0M10N294912MAHZXPPMXPPM50PPMI CX0M10NSM3-240M1000100          CX0MN-100008M5                  CX0MS10T250M100I                
CX0MS10T98304M100I              CX0Q310R000                     CX0R800R006                     CX0R800R006OEMSURPLUS           CX0R800R014                     
CX0SD5HE310000MHZ               CX0SM475M                       CX0SQ2T1001                     CX0T600R004                     CX1                             
CX1-0318432MHZ500I              CX1-200B-85-16                  CX1-200B-85-16                  CX1-200BP                       CX1-233B-85-18                  
CX1-266B-85-18                  CX1-300B85-20                   CX1-300P-85-20                  CX1-SM1-110592MHZ               CX1-SM1-12MHZ-A10010            
CX1-SM1-12MHZ-A100100           CX1-SM1-12MHZ-A100100200I       CX1-SM1-18432MHR                CX1-SM3                         CX1-SM310MHZ                    
CX10                            CX100                           CX1000                          CX10002                         CX10006                         
CX10008                         CX10008                         CX1000E16SLOT220V               CX1000EANALOGVOICE              CX1000ECABLE                    
CX1000ECABLEFEMALE              CX1000EEM4-WIRE                 CX1000EETHERNETIO               CX1000EFX0PROGRAMABLE           CX1000EFXSPROGRAMABLE           
CX1000ELINEINTERFACE            CX1000ETHUNDERVIEN              CX1000EVOICE                    CX1001                          CX1001BL0030CD                  
CX10010                         CX1001002                       CX100104B                       CX10021B                        CX10023                         
CX1003                          CX10034                         CX10035                         CX1004                          CX10040                         
CX1004029                       CX10043                         CX10045                         CX10046                         CX10046T4                       
CX10047                         CX10047T4                       CX10047SMD                      CX1004                          CX10053                         
CX10053B-T1                     CX10053BT1                      CX10054                         CX1005P-1                       CX1006                          
CX10060                         CX1006                          CX10071U10FT                    CX1008                          CX1008                          
CX10099U7IN                     CX100B                          CX100D                          CX1010A117                      CX1010AQ                        
CX1010B117                      CX10114                         CX1011C-1                       CX1012                          CX10125                         
CX1012AS                        CX10195                         CX1019M                         CX1019S                         CX101D26-32MHZ                  
CX101F-27MHZ                    CX101F02392000012               CX101F40                        CX101FFFXEAR20                  CX101G                          
CX102064-101R                   CX102064-101R-T6                CX1023D4PF                      CX103                           CX103-10M500I                   
CX1030                          CX103049-102GG-TL               CX103049-202GG-TL               CX103049-203GG-TL               CX103049-303GG-TL               
CX10310M10000I                  CX10310M500I                    CX103110592M100100I             CX103150MHZ                     CX1033                          
CX1034                          CX1034P                         CX1035                          CX103B01                        CX103D                          
CX1040008065N                   CX1044                          CX10464-15                      CX10464-21                      CX10485-11                      
CX1048511                       CX10497-14                      CX10497-15                      CX1049714                       CX1049715                       
CX104A                          CX105077-159                    CX10524G5FT                     CX1053                          CX10615                         
CX1072R                         CX10763GRC10303FT61             CX10763GRC103V3FT6IN            CX1077M                         CX107AVZFU100LC                 
CX107CPV                        CX108                           CX1080A                         CX1081                          CX1081M                         
CX1081Q                         CX1082                          CX1084                          cx1084to-220252263-35           CX1084-18                       
CX1084-25                       CX1084-33                       CX1084-33V                      CX1084-33V                      CX1084-50                       
CX1084-ADJ                      CX108433TO-220                  CX10845TO-263                   CX1084ADJT0-220                 CX1084ADJT0-263                 
CX1084ADJ                       CX1084CT-33                     CX1084CT-ADJ                    CX1084T-25                      CX1084T-33                      
CX1084T-ADJ                     cx1085to-220252263-35           CX1085-33                       CX1085-ADJ                      CX1086-18                       
CX1086-33                       CX1086-ADJ                      CX10884-25                      CX108                           CX108DW                         
CX109                           CX10937P-50                     CX109                           CX109A                          CX10A011                        
CX10A013                        CX10A341                        CX10G1M50SE                     CX1100                          CX1101                          
CX1102                          CX1102M                         CX1102M                         CX110C002                       CX1110-24                       
CX111024                        CX1110BS                        CX1111                          CX1113                          CX1114                          
CX1117                          cx1117to223220252               CX1117-15V                      CX1117-18                       CX1117-1805                     
CX1117-180                      CX1117-18V                      CX1117-25                       CX1117-250                      CX1117-25V                      
CX1117-25                       CX1117-33                       CX1117-33V                      CX1117-33                       CX1117-33V                      
CX1117-50                       CX1117-50V                      CX1117-ADJ                      CX11177-33                      CX1117T-33                      
CX11226-11                      CX11229-12                      CX11229-12P                     CX11229-14                      CX11235-12                      
CX11235-14                      CX11235-21                      CX11239-11                      CX1124                          CX112400-4                      
CX11242-11                      CX1124216                       CX11246-12                      CX1124612                       CX11247-11                      
CX11247-12                      CX11250                         CX11251-11                      CX11252                         CX11252-11                      
CX11252-11P3                    CX11252-11P3                    CX11252-12                      CX11252-12P3                    CX11252-15                      
CX11252-25                      CX11252-41Z                     CX1125211                       CX1125211DFTAM                  CX1125215                       
CX1125221                       CX1125241Z                      CX11253-11                      CX11253-21Z                     CX11253-21ZDS56-L516-011        
CX11254                         CX11254-11                      CX11254-11P                     CX11254-21                      CX11254-31                      
CX11254-41                      CX11254-51                      CX11254-51Z                     CX11254-51ZDSAZ-L362-006        CX11254-51ZDSAZ-L362-023        
CX1125411                       CX1125421                       CX1125431                       CX1125431R                      CX1125441                       
CX1125451Z                      CX11256                         CX11256-11                      CX11256-11P2                    CX11256-11P3                    
CX11256-31                      CX11256-31Z                     CX11256-31ZDS56-L488-400        CX11256-31ZDS56-L488-500        CX1125611                       
CX1125631Z                      CX1126                          CX11260                         CX11261-11Z                     CX11261-11ZDS56-L490-300        
CX1126111Z                      CX11270                         CX11270-11Z                     CX11270-11ZDSAZ-L400-005        CX11270-11ZDSAZ-L400-006        
CX11270-11ZDSAZ-L400-009        CX11270-11ZDSAZ-L400-023        CX1140BM                        CX1145                          CX115-5                         
CX1151U2FT                      CX11552-13                      CX11558-11                      CX11575-11                      CX11577-11                      
CX11577-12                      CX11596-11                      CX11596-21                      CX11614-12                      CX11614-22                      
CX11614-32                      CX11614-42                      CX11614-61                      CX11614-81                      CX11623-14P                     
CX11623-20                      CX1162512                       CX11627                         CX11627-11                      
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