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Manufacturer Quantity Comment
XC550003CAB16B RFQs from United States  Commonwealth Components FREESCALE   10200   Stock  
2 Clock Tower Place
Maynard, MA, United States 01754

Contact: Alyce   Iannarelli Phone: 978-897-8700 Fax: 978-897-8787
Commonwealth Components, Inc., is dedicated to being the solution to your product needs. What Commonwealth doesn't have in stock in our 20,000 SF Boston warehouse, we are usually able to secure for you because of our vast inventory supply network. Commonwealth Components has just brought in an additional 5 million components into our warehouse. Our relationships with tier one OEM's and CM's provide us with access to endless product that is translated into cutting edge inventory, and supply-chain solutions.
XC550003CAB16B   FREESCALE   27500   Conf OEM Excess  
XC550003CAB16B   FREESCALE   27500   Conf OEM Excess  
XC550003CAB16B     53    
XC550003CAB16B     100   IC  
XC550003CAB16B   FREESCAL   20000   TQFP144  
XC550003CAB16B   FREESCALE   20000   TQFP144  
XC550003CAB16B   FREES   19484   STOCK  
XC550003CAB16B   FREES   12665    
XC550003CAB16B   FREES   19484    

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