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 Commonwealth Components
2 Clock Tower Place
Maynard, MA, United States 01754

Contact: Alyce   Iannarelli
Phone: 978-897-8700   Fax: 978-897-8787
FREESCALE   10200   Stock,NEW $2.10  
FREESCALE   27500   Conf OEM Excess  
FREESCALE   27500   Conf OEM Excess  
  100   IC  
FREESCAL   20000   TQFP144  
FREESCALE   20000   TQFP144  
FREES   19484   STOCK  
FREES   12665    
FREES   19484    
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 Commonwealth Components   Send RFQ
2 Clock Tower Place
Maynard, MA, United States 01754

 Contact: Alyce Iannarelli  978-897-8700  978-897-8787

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