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  Part No. Quantity Manufacturer Comment
SF16DAZ-M1-4   129   129,MIT   AVAIL  

SF16DAZ-M1-4 RFQs from United States  Invelox Micro, LLC

1401 Church Street: Unit 4
Bohemia, NY, United States 11716

Contact: Sonny   Elsesser Phone: 631-218-6910 Fax: 631-218-0015
Invelox Micro is an independent distributor specializing in OEM/CEM excess management and RFQ fulfillment.

SF16DAZM14   2982   TOSHIBA    
SF16DAZ-M1-4   250   IXYS   MODULE DC  
SF16DAZ-M1-4   10000     MITSUBISHI  
SF16DAZ-M1-4   100     IC  
SF16DAZ-M1-4   129   MIT    
SF16DAZ-M1-4   250     MODULE DC,IXYS  
SF16DAZ-M1-4   129      
SF16DAZ-M1-4   50   MITSUBISHI    

OEM Excess

  Magnum Opus Engineering
284 Kennedy st Iselin New Jersey, United States 08830
Design and manufacturing of electronic products

Part No. Quantity Price(US$) Manufacturer DateCode Comment
R65001EB1 2 95.00 Rockwell R1099-19 8417 NEW

21floor, Shangbu Building, Futian District, Shenzhen, China Shenzhen , China
Instrument Manufacturer

Part No. Quantity Price(US$) Manufacturer DateCode Comment
88MG816-A0-D 11000 1 MARVELL


  Vlarisco Trading Limited
40 Kyriakou Matsis Ave Nicosia , Israel 1082
Contact: Sam Golan    Phone: 00972-54-370045 Fax: 00972-88-674147
Buy & sale excess inventory of all types of components

Part No. Quantity Price(US$) Manufacturer DateCode Comment
dcmc302t450dj2b 1600 45 Cornell Dubilier 2013-2014

  Typhoon Electronics
2045 So. Valentia st., Unit 15 Denver Colorado, United States 80231
Contact: Vlad   Rozendorf Phone: 303-349-0098 Fax: 303-477-9818
Buy and sell Electronics components.

Part No. Quantity Price(US$) Manufacturer DateCode Comment
4715FS-12T-B50 1500 5.75 MINEBEA NEW Come in a box of 20 units.

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  ComS.I.T. Inc.

11 River Street Middleton MA, United States 01949
Contact:Courtney   Carrasco Phone: (978) 539-8600 Fax: (978) 304-1080

ComS.I.T. is an ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified Global Distributor of Electronic Components since 1986. Over 100k line items in stock in USA, Germany and Asia

  Merefield's Electronics Ltd

9 Vernon Place Canterbury , United Kingdom CT1 3HG
Contact:Byrom   Boutorabi Phone: +44 (0) 1227 866908 Fax: +44 (0) 1227 451333

Merefield's Electronics are one of the largest pan-european stocking distributors of electronic components. Established in 1979 we have been in operation for over 30 years. We specialize in locating hard to find, allocated or obsolete components, as well as all your everyday electronic requirements. ** Now franchised for Diptronics, who offer a complete range of Dip switches, Tactile switches, and other precision switches, such as Slide switches, Detection switches, Push & Lever switches and Rotary switches, call now for all your switch needs **

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