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H27UCG8T2BYR-BC RFQs from United States  AZEGO Technology Services Hynix   11200    
628 Swan Street
Ramsey, NJ, United States 07446

Contact: Sales Team      Phone: 201 327 7500   Fax: 201 327 3616
We are an ISO9001/2000 stocking distributor of electronic components. Our goal is to bring value and service to every customer. We source hard to find, obsolete and production requirements.
H27UCG8T2BYRBC   Hynix   27500   FAC-NEW 140117NEX 64G bit Nand Flash MLC VLGA  
H27UCG8T2BYR-BC   Hynix   27500   FAC-NEW 140117NEX 64G bit Nand Flash MLC VLGA  

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