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C76RP RFQs from China  Anduo Components ST   1115    
1003 room 10th Floor C1 building,wanliu yicheng center,Changchun Qiao road,Haidian area
Beijing, , China 100089

Contact: anna   Sun   Phone: 86-10-8256-1179   Fax: 86-10-8256-0556
Anduo Components is a Chinese exporter and broker of electronic components specialized in IC industry WITH 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE. We have OUR OWN STOCK of 5000 INVENTORY LISTS. We are the member of THE BROKER FORUM, SEEKIC and ICSOURCE. Products: HARD-TO-FIND AND MILITARY ELACTRONICS Brand: AD , BB , CYPRESS, XILINX, ALTERA, TI , NS, AMD,LATTICE. Pacakge: BGA, QFP, PGA, MODULE, DIP, SOP and so on. We trust that you will favor us with a trial at an early date, and await the pleasure of hearing from you. Pls freely contact with me: Anna email/msn: anna@anduocomp.com skype: anna.zou84 Thanks Anna

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