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Manufacturer Quantity Comment
AM29LV040B-120JC RFQs from United States  Invelox Micro, LLC 27,AMD   27   PLCC32,AVAIL  
1401 Church Street: Unit 4
Bohemia, NY, United States 11716

Contact: Sonny   Elsesser   Phone: 631-218-6910   Fax: 631-218-0015
Invelox Micro is an independent distributor specializing in OEM/CEM excess management and RFQ fulfillment.
AM29LV040B120JC   AMD   55    
AM29LV040B120JC   AMD   410   Fac-new STK CALIF 140401 GON32pall 410 dc Tube  
AM29LV040B-120JC     50   7  
AM29LV040B-120JC   AMD   28   BOX 1012  
AM29LV040B-120JC     351   AMD  
AM29LV040B-120JC   AMD   73   STOCK  
AM29LV040B-120JC     19243   PLCC  
AM29LV040B120JC   AMD   108    
AM29LV040B-120JC   AMD   549   IN STOCK  
AM29LV040B-120JC   Advanced Micro Devices Incorpo   124   USED STOCK  
AM29LV040B120JC   AMD   850   Conf OEM EXC-JE  
AM29LV040B-120JC   AMD   3250   PLCC-32  
AM29LV040B-120JC   AMD   59    
AM29LV040B-120JC     53   IC  
AM29LV040B-120JC   AMD   845   PLCC  

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