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Distributor Part No. Manufacturer Quantity Desc
 E Electronics
17191 Armstrong Ave,Irvine
CA United States 92614

Contact: Sales  
Phone: 714-918-2708   Fax: 714-918-2706
09-0329-00-12   Binder   627   Kupplungsstecker 12p S680 EZ  
 HK Parkeli United Development Co., Ltd.
4L Golden Century Building No.6033 Shennan Ave Futitan Dist,ShenZhen
GuangDong China 518040

Contact: Kevin  
Phone: +86-755-83995017   Fax: +86-755-83995517
39-00-0328   MOLEX   10000   N/A  
00-03286   4M   3   SOLAR ROVER  
39-00-0324   MOLEX   1700   CONN,CONTACT,PIN,28-24 AWG,TIN  
S-PCC-00-032-F   EMULATION   6   Oem_ex. 5 Days  
GMD.00.032.DS   LEMO   100   IN STOCK  
03-0520-00-03   CORN   265   OEM EXC 130620 HIP  
03-0520-00-03   CORN   265   OEM EXC 130620 HIP  
09-0329-00-12   Binder Electronic Components A   1   NEW STOCK  
39-00-0323   TERMIL .093 CRIMP PIN 1434T   26100   Molex  

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 E Electronics   Send RFQ
17191 Armstrong Ave,Irvine,CA,United States,92614
 Contact: Sales   714-918-2708  714-918-2706

 HK Parkeli United Development Co., Ltd.   Send RFQ
4L Golden Century Building No.6033 Shennan Ave Futitan Dist,ShenZhen,GuangDong,China,518040
 Contact: Kevin   +86-755-83995017  +86-755-83995517

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