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Part No. Comment Catalog Mfr Quantity Company Country
B69030 BGA   CHIPS 500 Century Yuanfeng Components China
LA4440   SANYO 25000 Pacific Electronics Pte Ltd Singapore
M57704M   MITSUBISH 120 binfa electronic co.,ltd China
KS88P6116N   sec 430 Elite(HK) Electronic Trade.,LTD China
P80C51BH Microcontroller IC   Intel 7 Gernaey Belgium
U345COVER Cover rubber with metal chain (forU345)   MIL 150 Eurocem Belgium
K4S513233F-ML1LT00 Memory   Samsung 7980 EDX Electronics United States
CRCW2012100000ZOEF 0R2010/5%   VISHAY 8000 Krish Technologies India
C3216X7R1C106KT CAP: 10UF/1206/16V   TDK 1000000 Krish Technologies India
MAX232EPE   max 500 pollux tech China

Title Catalog Company Country
semiconductors,ics  [IC (Integrated Circuit) marvid electronics India 
H...modules  [IC (Integrated Circuit) HK Cyea Electronic Co.,Ltd China 
linear and mixed signal IC  [IC (Integrated Circuit) Starchips Technology, Inc. Taiwan 
AVX TAJA475K016RNJ  [Electronic/Electrical Parts Lion Enterprise Co., Ltd Taiwan 
AVX TAJA475K016RNJ  [Electronic/Electrical Parts Lion Enterprise Co., Ltd Taiwan 
Stereo bluetooth  [Telecom Shenzhen Full-join Technology Co.,Ltd China 
Hot offer  [IC (Integrated Circuit) Fangyuanming Science & Technology Development. Co., Ltd. China 
IN STOCK  [Receiver EC Electronics United States 
Mstar LCD Driver ICs parts  [IC (Integrated Circuit) WUA LUNG SHING ELECTRONIC INT'L TRADING CO Hong Kong 

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