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Part No. Comment Catalog Mfr Quantity Company Country
RFP4N05L IC [IC (Integrated Circuit) Fairchild 1000 itchips Tonga
TC5020 IC   TOSHIBA 294 Lexus Worldwide International Ltd. Lebanon
SM5817   D&Z 100K D&Z Technology Co ., Ltd. China
2SB1017 P,NFS,80V,4A,25W,8M,17C,   ask 416 Lexus Worldwide International Ltd. Lebanon
474K500CS6G-FA Resistor   ITW 1210 Agility MFG United States
9817306 Bulk STOCK same day ship   SCHLEMMER 1400 Commonwealth Components United States
RS5C314-E2   Ricoh 6000 Personal Security Systems United States
ST62T25CB6 8-BIT OTP /EPROM ( MCU ) with A/D converter, Oscillator, Safeguard,Safe reset , 28 PIN DIP   ST Microelectronics 1780 Leo Circuit Boards Pvt. Ltd. India
K4H511638G-LCB3 DDR1 32X16 PC333   SAMSUNG 50K Reima International, Inc. Japan

Title Catalog Company Country
Electronics Components  [Transistor Key source components China 
Solar MC4 Connector Male/Female  [Connector ADVILUX CONNECT TECHNOLOGY Singapore 
TB6 Balancing Charger  [Batteries Joint Edges Technology Corp. China 
New Original Texas Instruments Parts  [IC (Integrated Circuit) STACK ELECTRONICS United States 
Electrical Parts @ Srinutch Components  [Switches Srinutch Components Co.,Ltd. Thailand 
sell pcb  [PCB (printed circuit board) gainbase pcb co,.ltd China 
BB-OP4277UA/E4 1,155pcs offer  [IC (Integrated Circuit) RESOO Electronic (Sichuan)Co.Ltd China 
2MBI50P-140  [Other QIJIANYI Electronics Inc. China 
BLF278 NXP PHILIPS POWER MOSFET Transist  [Transistor Puri Tronik Indonesia 
Sell air filter-Mini pleat filter  [Auto Parts  

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